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We help trucking and transportation companies navigate the complexities of state and federal compliance. We’ll focus on your compliance so you can focus on the road ahead.

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Transportation Compliance Service offers complete compliance management services for trucking and transportation companies.

Federal Compliance

A USDOT number is a unique identifier assigned to you by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This federally mandated number is used by the DOT/FMCSA as well as insurance companies and freight brokers to look up your company’s information and determine whether you’re in compliance.

Beyond the federal USDOT number requirements, some states have additional or different requirements. The experts at Transportation Compliance Service can help determine what’s right for your situation.

Learn more about registering for a USDOT number.

Carriers that transport freight across state lines for hire need a Motor Carrier Interstate Operating Authority which is represented by a Motor Carrier (MC) number. In order to activate your MC number, and be authorized to cross state lines, a BOC-3 form must be filed with the FMCSA. A BOC-3 designates a processing agent to serve as a legal presence in any state where you do business.

The process of activating your MC number can take 20-24 days, so it is important to work with a TCS specialist to ensure the process is completed correctly.

Contact us if you need to haul freight across state lines.

Learn more about Motor Carrier / BOC-3.

The MCS-150 is a form that must be filed to obtain or update your USDOT number. It’s also referred to as the Motor Carrier Identification Report.

MCS-150 updates, or better known as biennial updates, are required every two years and are an essential part of the process of maintaining a valid USDOT number.

There are many reasons why trucking companies must stay current with these biennial updates, not the least of which is the possibility of being fined or put out-of-service for non-compliance.

An MCS-150 update is also required when a trucking company changes its address, company name, or operating authority.

Working with our Compliance Specialists, you’ll have access to a vast amount of experience and knowledge to help you navigate MCS-150 filings and updates, keeping your trucking business compliant and running successfully.

Learn more about MCS-150 updates.

Well known throughout the trucking industry, officers tend to conduct either roadside or at ports of entry inspections.  During these inspections, carriers have a reason to worry, especially when asked to see LOGs or maintenance history. In many cases, employee drivers fail to prepare for these roadside inspections. 
So where do these violations end up?

Many carriers, we find, incur a violation but don’t understand where these violations show nor how they may impact their trucking company. Depending on the level of the violation, this can end up having minimal impact, all the way to the carrier’s insurance dropping their coverage from one single, random inspection.

Whatever the data error may be, there is a way to clean it up and improve your safety rating. 

Transportation Compliance Service has the expertise to help.

Learn more about DataQs and disputing violations.

The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Program is a system created for registering and collecting fees from operators of vehicles engaged in interstate travel.  This federally mandated program was created to supplement funding for state highway motor carrier registration and safety programs.

Motor carriers involved in interstate commerce as well as companies that make the arrangements for the transportation of cargo and goods are required to submit annual fees based on fleet size.

Transportation Compliance Service will take care of registering your business and paying UCR fees through your base state on behalf of all participating states.

Learn more about the UCR Program.

The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) is an annual tax levied by the IRS on vehicles operating on public highways at taxable gross weights of 55,000 pounds or more, regardless of whether they cross state lines or not.

Taxable gross weight is a combination of the unloaded weight of the vehicle plus the unloaded weight of any trailers used in combination with the vehicle plus the weight of the maximum load carried on the vehicle and any trailers used in combination with the vehicle.

TCS will help you navigate the complexities, deadlines, and confusion associated with this tax and accompanying IRS Form 2290, or let you know if your company’s operations fall under one of the HVUT exemptions.

Learn more about IRS Form 2290 / Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

State Compliance

New trucking companies have some important considerations to tackle when determining the requirements of the states in which they are operating.

If you plan only to carry loads only within your state, you may be required to obtain an intrastate operating authority, along with getting a federal DOT number.

Because regulations vary considerably from state to state, there are important considerations to determine the operating authority you will need. For example, the State of Texas requires companies trucking companies operating vehicles at specific weights to obtain a Texas state specific authority and number, other states have a completely different set of requirements, or in some state, none at all.

Obtaining the appropriate state operating authority is very important and can be complicated. Our TCS Specialists can help guide you through the process of getting it done right. Give us a call.

The International Registration Plan (IRP), like many requirements in this industry, can seem confusing and a bit daunting.  IRP is a reciprocity agreement between the contiguous 48 states and Canada. Each jurisdiction either helps in kind or penalizes in kind.

The agreement eases the process for apportioning payments of the registration fees carriers are required to pay based on their total distances they operate between jurisdictions on a quarterly basis.

Each commercial carrier, once registered, obtains a cab card indicating the states they are valid to do business in.

IRP registration and compliance is one of many specialties Transportation Compliance Service can assist with and ease the burden on trucking operators.

Get help with IRP

IFTA, or the International Fuel Tax Agreement is a cooperative agreement among the lower 48 states and Canada.  Essentially, IFTA is simplified way for all jurisdictions participating to allow commercial carriers required to participate, on a quarterly basis, to average out the fuel and mileage travelled and accurately determine that its tax liability for each jurisdiction.

Once the tax liability is determined by the carrier, each jurisdiction is responsible for apportioning funds to other jurisdictions the carrier travelled.

For more information on IFTA and who is required to participate, give us a call and speak with a Compliance Specialist.

Learn more about IFTA

It is stating the obvious to say that the trucking industry is heavily regulated. And navigating the extensive permitting requirements needed to run your business can be time-consuming. Yet, failure to file for and obtain the proper permits could result in critical delays or even the impounding of your vehicle.

TCS is a valuable partner to trucking companies looking for help managing the various permits needed to keep their operations on the road.

Our compliance specialists have extensive experience with fuel, trip, and tax permits, as well as over-dimension permits, load-type permits, and more. We stay up to date on permitting requirements and compliance so that you can focus on the road ahead.

Even if your trucking company operates exclusively within your state and does not cross state lines, you still are required to comply with specific local and federal regulations that apply to your intrastate operations.

In addition to the commercial driver’s license (CDL) requirement, there are federal requirements for controlled substances and alcohol testing for commercial drivers and minimum levels of financial responsibility for the intrastate transportation of specific quantities of hazardous materials.

Certain states also require commercial motor carriers conducting intrastate commerce to obtain intrastate operating authority.

At TCS, we’re experts at understanding and managing both state and federal compliance issues. Concerned about the requirements for your state? Give us a call today and speak with a Compliance Specialist.

TCS can help with your driver qualification files program.

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John Doe
John Doe
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I’ve had nothing but great experiences with TCS.
Everyone I’ve been in contact with have been so helpful and knowledgable. I also want to say that Brittany in the IFTA department was amazing.

She was able to answer all my questions and was willing to take the time to dumb things down for me a bit. She’s a rockstar. Highly recommend TCS for all compliance needs!

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Brandi S
Brandi S
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TCS has been awesome!
Started my transport business this year & I can truly say that if it wasn’t for this company & staff, I wouldn’t have made it through the DOT/MC process with any hair on my head!
Jane Y
Jane Y
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Decided to work with TCS to ensure we stay compliant
We started our small company almost 3 years ago and decided to work with Transportation Compliance to ensure we stay compliant in our respective area.!

We have had good communication and a positive experience thus far!

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Jane Y
Jane Y
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They are thorough, patient, and very detailed
If you are stressed to the max and overwhelmed with the whole process of getting your DOT, MC, and LLC taken care of I strongly !

suggest you go with Transportation Compliance Services They are thorough, patient, and very detailed and the best part they are not pushy at all! They give you the facts of what is needed and let you decide what services they can help you with…James, Sara, and Ryan have all been a huge help to me and continue to have my back. So if you are wanting to make sure you are in compliance and stay in compliance give Transportation Compliance Services a call…you will not be disappointed!

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Kay B
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We love their service
We love their service. They are very competent and follow through to the fullest. We recommend them totally. They relieve our stress for compliance to the DOT.
Kay B
Kay B
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The awareness to stay ahead of any setbacks would have been overwhelming
I’m a new Owner Operator and getting organized and ready to present myself as a business owner

with the awareness to stay ahead of any setbacks would have been overwhelming if the team from TCS had not taken the reigns for me.

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Jack H
Jack H
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I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with DOT issues
TCS handled my issues and walked me through the steps and so forth. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with DOT issues and so on.
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Anthony C
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The company is a one stop service for USDOT, LLC, and other legal matters
Transportation Compliance Services is the best because their employees I spoke to (3 of them) knew their jobs flawlessly.

I am very impressed. It also tells me that the management is top of the line because the employees are very professional. The company is a one stop service for USDOT, LLC, and other legal matters needed for a business. The best phone call I made, and they got me up and running. Thank you.

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Lizette T
Lizette T
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I am so happy my husband and I chose TCS
I am so happy my husband and I chose TCS to assist us in getting our business started. Our Compliance Specialist was friendly,!

knowledgeable and efficient. She made it a smooth process. It was such a pleasure working with her.

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Jonathan K
Jonathan K
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I recommend them to anyone starting a business
Very helpful and they get things done in a short amount of time. I recommend them to any one starting a business.